Flexi Finance Now Available At Audi Cork Aftersales

Green and navy flexi finance logo


Flexi Fi, Ireland’s latest way to pay, makes things easier for you. Flexi Fi offers a simple alternative to paying with cash or credit card. It allows you to carry out your service, without the worry of costs and pay later in equal instalments on a plan unique to you.

To apply for Flexi Fi, you will need to be over 18, hold a government ID, earn over €21k per year and  have supporting documents.

How  To Apply For Flexi Fi With Audi Cork:

If you wish to apply for Flexi Fi with Audi Cork, all you have to do is speak with our Aftersales Team, who will issue  you with a link  to begin your Flexi Fi journey.

 A Flexible Way To Pay

The Flexi Fi rates and terms are flexible depending on the amount you need.

  • €80 – €500

8 week & 2 month term


  • €500 – €1000

6 & 12 month term


  • €1,000 – €15,000

18 & 24 month term


You can pay off your amount early  at no extra cost or fees.


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