Free front wipers at Audi Cork

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Free front wipers with services booked online, and your chance to win a complete Audi brand experience in Germany to drive the Audi R8

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What’s happening?

Audi Ireland are bringing twenty-two lucky people to Ingolstadt in Germany – the
global home of Audi – for a two-day, full-on Audi brand experience trip.

Oh, and you’ll drive the Audi R8…

Wow, really?

Really. Two days of it.

That’s it, I want in. What do I need to do?

It’s pretty easy; if you book your Audi’s service on between February 11th and April 29th we’ll automatically include you in the draw. You’ll get a confirmation email that you’re in the draw too. Then, on April 30th Audi Ireland will pick eleven winners who can also bring a friend (that’s twenty-two in total) and we’ll be in touch to let them know they’ve won. Oh, and we’ll also put new front wipers on your Audi for free as part of your Audi’s service and add twelve months roadside assistance too.

You guys gave free wipers last year too didn’t you?

We sure did. They’re back by popular demand.

Now that I think of it, I got my Audi serviced last year and I got free front wipers then too. Can I get them again and be entered for the trip?

In order to be in this year’s competition, you need to have your Audi serviced and enter online ( between February 11th and April 29th 2019. But if you have any queries, just drop us a mail on or call 021 491 8400.

So if I win or I’m brought along by a friend, what will I be doing?

Audi Ireland will fly you all to Munich, bring you to see the Audi factory, do a tour of the facility and see the Audi Museum, Audi Shop, the Audi handover area, some seriously impressive cars and a few personalities too. We’ll bring you for dinner that evening and then, the next day we’ll bring you to the Audi Sport track at Neuburg just outside Ingolstadt in Germany. In the morning you and whoever you choose to bring with you will be driving the Audi R8 V10 Plus, then it’s back to the Audi Sport facility for lunch. In the afternoon, you’ll drive the Audi S5 on our dynamic test track and we’ll bring you to the offroad track section of the track to see how the Audi Q7 really works.

No way!

Yup. An Audi R8 V10 Plus. And you’ll be accompanied by your pal too. Not an instructor. But don’t worry we’ll show you how to drive it properly. Ten cylinders, seven gears, four-wheel drive, one driver, one passenger. We’ll synch you all up. Wipers too…

What do you think I’ll need in order to travel?

Well, you’ll need to be over 18. Have a valid passport (obviously). A valid full driver’s licence (obviously) with no endorsements. You need to be able to fly from Dublin to Munich early on Thursday, June 27th and Audi Ireland will fly you back again late the next day, Friday, June 28th. You can only bring hand luggage but you won’t need much. Oh and the person you bring? Yeah, they’ll be driving too so they’ll need a valid licence with no endorsements as well, and their passport too.

If I win?                                                                                                                                                                                       

If you win, Audi Ireland will be in touch on April 30th* with everything you’ll need to know about the trip and so that Audi Ireland can get more information from you. If not, your Audi is equipped for the torrents of rain we’ll probably have in the next few months and it’s covered by twelve months roadside assistance too. If you allow us to use your details, we’ll put you on the list for any events we do next year as well.

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*The draw will be independently adjudicated and winners will be notified by phone and subsequent email on April 30th 2019.