From now until January 31st, any customer who gets brake disks fitted & changed will have their brake fluid changed free of charge, saving the customer €80.

When you ask us to fit a replacement pair of genuine brake discs, you’ll receive a brake fluid change free-of-charge, including all parts and labour. Healthy brake fluid helps to preserve your braking system by protecting seals, pipes and cylinders and aids braking performance – especially in extreme conditions. Now that’s a refreshing change that benefits both your vehicle and your wallet.

Benefits include:

  • Protects materials.
  • Does not effect seals.
  • Helps prevent rusting of pipes and cylinders.
  • Excellent performance in cold conditions.
  • Replacement of old with new Brake Fluid removes the used fluid and any moisture it may have absorbed due to its hydroscopic nature. This in turns significantly reduces the potential for brake failure by increasing the boiling point of the fluid.

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