Audi Q5 Hybrid Offer

Efficient, sporty, and locally emission-free in purely electric mode – thanks to the plug-in hybrid drive with an electric motor and a combustion engine, you can experience both worlds.

Get a Q5 2.0TFSI e 299BHP S-Line with 3 Zone climate control and metallic paint for €494 per month compared to a Q5 2.0TDI 190BHP S-Line at €570 per month.

Also avail of €11,500 saving including grants.

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Audi Q7 Hybrid Offer​

When Electric meets petrol. This imposing SUV with innovative plug-in hybrid technology, a superbly thought-out interior and striking looks is the right answer to every situation. 

Get this new Q7 3.0TFSI-e 381BHP quattro S-Line with 4 Zone climate control, Black styling package and metallic paint. With €9,500 off the list price including grants. 

A saving of €8,300 compared to a Q7 3.0TDI 286BHP S-Line.

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